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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pure Imagination

Have you ever read a book, and it has really stuck with you?  You think about it days, weeks, months, even years later with fondness.  You may even reread the book now and then to relive those special moments that made it so unforgettable in the first place.  Well this happens all the time with children's books.  The books you read when you are a child can stick with you your entire life.  They bring back those warm fuzzy memories of curling up with a book as a kid, or being read to by mom, dad, or grandma, and just make you content all over again.  That is the magic of children's books.  And one author in particular was exceptionally fabulous at making those books that live on forever.  That author is Roald Dahl, and it just so happens to be his birthday on September 13th.  He would have been 98 years old this year.  And this year is even more special, since it is the 50th anniversary since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published.

mmm, chocolate ::drool::
What would life be like without those fantastic characters like Mr. Fox, Matilda, James and his giant peach, or Willy Wonka?  They are the figures that shaped our childhoods and they continue to spark children's imaginations every day.  So take some time this week and pick up a Roald Dahl book and read it as a family.  Make a celebration of it!  For instance, you could read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then watch the movie, all while eating some delicious chocolate.  Sounds like a great time to me!

Or you could learn more about the author and read Boy: Tales of Childhood.  Trust me - it isn't one of those boring biographies!  It is hilarious, and tons of fun.  You learn of all Dahl's antics as a boy, and his unusual adventures that often inspired some of his best known story plots.  Once you finish, you could start writing your own autobiography!  Include pictures and illustrations just like Dahl.

So stop on in and celebrate the beloved author Roald Dahl, today!

Roald Dahl's books, movies, and audiobooks

Friday, August 29, 2014

Meet the Author

Did I say whisper?  I meant shout!
I have some fabulously exciting news!  I have been holding it in for a long time, waiting for the perfect moment, and now is the time to let you all in on the secret.  Someone special is coming to the Roselle Public Library.  Someone wonderful and good and I just can't wait.  So who is it, you ask?  Well, come closer my friends and I will whisper it to you.  GAYLE ROSENGREN!!  Oh, whoops, I didn't mean whisper at all.  I meant shout it from the rooftops - that is just how excited I am about this visit!  Gayle Rosengren is the author of the wonderful book, What the Moon Said, and she is coming here to the library to talk to all of you on September 29th.  That means that we are less than a month away from meeting someone famous, someone talented, and someone who knows a thing or two about writing.

What the Moon Said is by far one my favorite books that I have read this year, and rates highly on my all-time favorite list as well.  You can read a glowing review of the book here.  I can't think of anything more thrilling than reading a book that you love, and then meeting the author and having the chance for them to sign your book, or ask her questions, and just get to know her.  Gayle will spend the evening with us, speak about her writing process, life during the Great Depression, writing stories from real life, and superstitions.

So what are you waiting for?  Stop in today and pick up a copy of What the Moon Said, and get reading!  Here are the details about Gayle's visit:
The Meet the Author program will take place on September 29th at 6:30pm.  The program is open to children grades 2-5.  Registration opens on September 15th.

Materials on the Great Depression
Materials on Superstitions
Become and author too!
Events Calendar for the Roselle Public Library

Friday, August 15, 2014

We have the solution

So if you have been reading along, I just professed my love for audio books in the last post or so.  I could not live without audio books these days.  They keep me moving, they keep me interested, and they keep me sane as I fight dust in my house, and traffic on the road.  Reading books is great too - I read all the time!  But sometimes, listening to a book can really bring it to life, especially when the narrators are fabulously outstanding.

Nowadays, audio books are available many different ways.  You can get CD's, download them to your phone or a different device, and even get these wonderful little inventions called playaways.  We carry a number of playaways here at the library.  Each playaway is a small device with an audio book loaded on it.  All you have to do is plug some headphones into it, and listen away.  But what if you are really into a playaway, and the whole family wants to listen in?  Well, we now have a solution.

Happily listening to a playaway!
Available at the circulation desk, is a nifty little cord that can be plugged into the playaway instead of
headphones.  The other end of the cord can then be plugged into a stereo or car stereo through the aux connector.  Then all you have to do is hit play and it will play through the stereo.  So, problem solved!  Listen to your playaway anywhere with anyone....make that everyone!  See we are always thinking over here at the library about how to improve your experience.

So if you are planning a road trip, this cord is a must have, along with a good playaway of course.  Or if you just want to listen to a book as a family, this is a great option.  Come on in and check one out today!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Do you know why this is one of my favorite weeks of summer?  Because it’s SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel starting on Sunday, August 10 at 7 PM!  Statistically speaking, your chances of being attacked by a shark are pretty slim. In a given year, you’re looking at about a one in 11.5 million chance.  This year for vacation I went to the beach that has the most recorded shark bites in the world, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  My family has been going there for years and luckily none of us have been bitten!  New Smyrna is always mentioned during Shark Week.  

 I have compiled all of our shark books for you to check out so you can learn shark cool facts.  I know someone who is studying to be a marine biologist.  He got to study sharks in Rhode Island this summer.  Maybe you’d like to do that someday.  The library has books that tell you what it’s like to be a marine biologist studying sharks.  So when you have a chance, drive, pedal, walk, run, swim (it’s safe here – no shark attacks), and take a peek at our shark week collection.  You know you want to!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Monarchs Have Arrived

Prepare your finest attire - bow ties, fancy hats, dresses, you know - the works.  Learn how to properly bow or curtsy.  Don't forget to bathe....get those fingernails nice and clean, because you are about to meet a real monarch!  Make that two monarchs.  Oh, did I mention they are monarch butterflies? didn't think you were actually going to meet royalty did you?  Well, this is close enough.

The monarchs that have been holding reign in the youth services department of the Roselle Public Library have finally turned into butterflies.  You watched them fatten up as caterpillars, hang around as chrysalises, and now you get to see the final flourish...the beautiful butterflies.

You can tell a male monarch butterfly from a female by the two black spots on his hind wings.  Females do not have spots on their hind wings and the female's black webbing within the wings is thicker.  Most monarch butterflies only live a few weeks.  However, the last generation of monarchs to be born in late August is the migratory generation.  The shorter, cooler days of fall prevent the butterflies from maturing completely, so they live about eight or nine months - long enough to fly south for the winter and back again to reproduce in the spring.  Talk about a winter vacation!

Adult monarch butterflies eat nectar from flowers, so be sure you have a nice flowery garden in your backyard if you wish to see, and help these fabulous beauties survive.  Our monarchs are happily fluttering around our butterfly tent waiting for you to come in and greet them royalty....oh, I am only kidding.  They are just happy to see you...fine attire or not!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Holiday Road

Packing my bags
So the Summer Reading Program is over.....booooo.....and summer is winding down.....double booo!  But you still have time left to enjoy the summer before school starts.  Maybe, just maybe, your family is lucky enough to be going on vacation soon.  Maybe you are going to see a National Park, like Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite.  Or possibly you are going to fly over to Europe and see wonderful countries like Poland, England, or France.  Traveling can be a wonderful experience that will change your life and how you look at it.  But before you get to these wonderful destinations, you have to travel a car or plane or a ship.  Now I know, you think you will be all excited, and can hardly think about anything else other than your destination.  But then reality hits.  You are sitting in a car looking at field after field of corn.  Are we there yet?!?  Nope, another 15 hours to go!  Oh no!!  Well, luckily for you, you stopped into the library before you left and checked out some fabulous audio books to listen to, and some books to read during those quiet moments.

I can feel the breeze just looking at this
Audio books are a life saver.  I never really knew about them until I became a librarian, and then it was on.  I hardly go anywhere without a book playing away in my car.  As I clean up the house, I have a book blasting loud, making my chores quick and easy.  Audio books just make life easier.  Not only do you get to listen to an awesome book, but it makes time fly by also!

So say you are sitting on a beach when you reach your destination.  After splashing around, building sand
castles, and having a grand old time, you are going to want to sit and relax and read a book on the beach.  Nothing is better than listening to the water, feeling the hot sun, and digging into a great book.  Luckily for you, you can get both books and audio books at the library.

Now I know not all of us are lucky enough to be traveling at the moment, but that is the magical thing about books.  You can pick up a book and travel anywhere.  You can easily travel to other countries, to other times, even to mystical imaginary places just be reading a book.  Some of my best traveling is done through the books I read. 

So if I were you, I would sneak in a couple more books or audio books before school starts, and travel while you can.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Shhh...the caterpillars are sleeping....

Lullaby and good night...I don't know any more of the la laa la, la la laa, la la la la la, la la.

Be very quiet, I'm watching caterpillars transform into butterflies.  (Be honest, how many of you though I was going to say, Be very quiet, I'm hunting rabbit...I know, that's what popped into my head too.  Good old Elmer Fudd.)  Anyway, that's right my friends.  Our little monarch caterpillars have done something amazing.  They have managed to squirm and squeeze their chubby little bodies into tiny little green chrysalises. Both of the chrysalises are pretty small, when you compare them to those big, long, pudgy caterpillars they were just a few days ago.

So while the monarchs are in the chrysalis stage, they are not actually
sleeping.  Instead they are transforming and all of the internal contents of the caterpillar - the muscles, the heart, the nervous system, and more - are totally rebuilt.  This whole process takes about two weeks, so you can stop in any time at the youth services department here at the Roselle Public Library and see the little guys hanging around in their waxy green chrysalises.  It is just amazing what can happen in nature.

Now is a great time to get outside, and make a field journal.  Just take a notebook outdoors with you and draw or write about all the cool creatures or plants that you see.  Who knows, you could even find some more caterpillars, or chrysalises, or butterflies out there!

And when you stop in and see our chrysalises, you can take part in our contest!  Write down your name (first and last), phone number, and the date you guess our monarch butterflies will emerge.  Put your guess in the jar, and the person who gets the closest to the correct date will win an awesome prize.  

Check back here for more updates!  We will be posting when the monarchs move on to different stages.

How to draw nature

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