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Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot Air Balloons

I have always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride.  It looks both exhilarating and terrifying to me.  Recently I have been looking into where I could go to ride in one.  I stumbled across a nearby festival in Lisle, Illinois, called Lisle Eyes to the Sky Festival, where they offer tethered rides.  Tethered rides means the balloon is attached to a rope and then rises about 50 feet into the air.  They only fly in the early morning and evening, weather permitting.  The nice thing about this festival is that it benefits local charities.  

Hot air balloons fly in the morning or evening when the air cools down.  The hot air in the balloon causes the balloon to rise.  There are different sized baskets that can fit 3-4 people or larger baskets that carry 15 or more people.  The balloons drift where the wind blows, so the balloon pilot does not steer the balloon.  However, the pilot does have some control of the balloon by being able to adjust how high or low the balloon flies.  Before the pilot takes flight, the pilot gets a weather report to find out the direction of the wind and the wind speed.  

I never really thought about how a hot air balloon couldn't be steered.  So I wondered a few things:  How does the balloon get back down to the ground? How do they get back home?  I found out that the pilot looks for an open field and radios a truck to tell the crew where they are landing.  To land, the pilot pulls on the cord to open the vent on top of the balloon.  The hot air goes out and the cooler air flows in through the bottom. Then the balloon starts to descend.    Once on the ground, the crew packs up the balloon and the passengers climb inside the truck to go back to where the ride started.  

Here are a few fun facts about hot air balloons:

New Mexico festival
*The first hot air balloon flight took place in 1783.  The passengers of that first ride were a sheep, a duck and a chicken!  The brothers had promised their dad they wouldn't fly in the balloon themselves!

*The first human flight took place two months later.  

*Today, hot air balloon festivals occur all over the world.  The largest one is in New Mexico.  About 750 balloons fly in it.  

Hot air balloon books

Monday, June 12, 2017

Father's Day

Sunday, June 18th is Father's Day.  A day to celebrate Dad!  The Roselle Public Library is holding a special event for dads and their children.  From 1:30-2:20 PM, children should bring their favorite dad and celebration the Donuts with Dad program with him!  The program will feature stories, games and of course...delicious DONUTS!  No registration is required for this program.  Just jump in the car and drop-on in (only you might want to have dad do the driving!).

Let's learn a little more about Father's Day.  A woman called Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired to create a special day for her dad since he had raised his six children by himself after the death of his wife.  This happened in the early 1900s, when it was uncommon for a male widower to take care of his own children.  Typically men placed their children in the care of others or remarried quickly. 

The work of Anna Jarvis, who is credited for starting the Mother's Day holiday, sparked the idea for Father's Day with Sonora.  She felt her father deserved to be recognized for raising his children and held the first celebration in June of 1910.  Father's Day was not recognized until 1972, when  President Nixon officially made it a holiday.

Father's Day is an occasion to celebrate the contribution your father has made in your life.  Many people send or give cards or gifts to their dads.  Father's Day festivities look different for many families.  Some families gather together and have cookouts while others call dad on his special day.  Even other families do some of dad's chores that day - like washing the car or mowing the lawn.

So no matter what your family does to celebrate dear-old-dad, make the day a special one for him.  He works hard for his family and he deserves a day to be in the spot light.  He probably deserves a donut too, so stop by the library for some fun with dad!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Story Times

We are anxious here in the Youth Services Department to greet everyone for our summer story times. The theme this summer is "Build Me Up."  Let's learn a little more about the story times the Roselle Public Library offers.

Join us from 10-10:30 AM on Tuesdays for Toddler Tales.  This story time is for toddlers ages 20-35 months.  Mrs. A leads this active story time which includes parent participation.  Enjoy stories, songs and making a craft together. Registration is required.

Tots and Tykes begins Tuesdays at 11:30 AM and ends at 12 PM .  This is a first time story time experience for children from the ages of 6-19 months and their parents or caregivers.  Mrs. A. runs an interactive story time featuring stories, songs and verse to promote those important early literacy skills.   Registration is required.

This is a great time for participants to sign up for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!

Miss Loretta offers Family Drop-in story times on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7 PM and also on Thursday mornings from 10:30-11 AM. These are all ages story times for children and parents.  Join Miss Loretta as she reads stories, teaches songs and verses with movement or flannel boards.  It's a wonderful way for families to promote literacy skills!

 Double the  Preschool Story Time fun as two sessions are offered in the summer.  Tuesday afternoons from 1-1:30 PM won't work for you; then how about Wednesday mornings from          10-10:30 AM? This story time is focused on the 3-5 year-old age range and is lead by Miss Liz.  Join Miss Liz in getting ready for school by listening to stories, rhymes and songs all by themselves!  Parents stay outside the storytime room.  Registration is required.

New this summer - Story Time at Kemmerling Pool!  Drop-in at the pool before it opens to join Miss Stephanie for a fun time at 12 PM every Monday from June 5 through August 7 (excluding Monday, June 26 - sorry you'll have to read on your own that day).  Listen to engaging stories and learn fun songs (you might even have to dance a little!). 

And guess what?  When you come to a story time, those minutes count towards the Summer Reading Program!  Another great reason to join our fabulous storytellers this summer!  Hope to see you here (or at Kemmerling)!

Registration Calendar

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Reading - It's Almost Here!!

This is the time of year where I get so excited!  Do you know why?  The library's summer reading program is about to begin!  On Sunday, June 4th, we'll all have some fun at the annual Rose Parade where we will kick off the summer reading program by showing off our float.  Then on Monday, June 5th, the reading program begins!  Bring Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe, Aunt Martha, sister Susie and brother Tom into the library to sign up.  We will have a one stop sign-up table downstairs the first week so that everyone can register at one time.  Or you can do it from the comfort of your own couch with online registration!  Plus, if you attend one of the school districts the library serves in grades PreK-5th, you can register for the program and win prizes even if you don't have a library card!  How sweet is that!

So walk, peddle, hover board, skate, or drive on over to the library to participate in our summer reading program.  We will be ready to register you and make some great recommendations for wonderful summer reading titles.  My book list was already started back in February!  I'm always open to new suggestions, so if you read something you like, stop by the "Ask Me" Desk and let me know what I should be reading!

But wait, because we're not done yet.  Whose got you covered for free Youth Services has a jammed packed schedule of events to help keep the summer fun and entertaining?  RPL does, that's who! Story times begin during the week of June 12th and every Monday there will be an afternoon drop-in craft (let's be creative!), but that's NOT ALL!!  On Thursdays, we have special family programming starting at 1 PM.  Programs feature magicians, musicians, cartoonists, puppets, funny storytelling and a special visit by the Cosley Zoo! Mark your calendar and participate in all the fun of summer!


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Magic Tree House turns 25!

As my children were growing up, our favorite read-aloud series was Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne.  They loved to hear the next adventure that Jack and Annie were going on. Adventures filled with Vikings, dinosaurs, mummies and volcanoes (just to name a few).  My children would beg me to "read just one more chapter" during bedtime.  Once we finished the latest edition, we would wait with baited breath for the next one to be published.
Have you ever wondered where Mary Pope Osborne got the idea of a magic tree house from?  It's not the first thing you think of when you hear the word "magic."  Random House Publishers had wanted her to do a book series.  Mary thought it would be fun to write about time travel for kids but she was stuck on what magical object would cause the time travel.  The idea came to her almost a later when she was in Pennsylvania with her husband staying in a log cabin.  They were taking a walk in the woods and noticed a tree house.  It was instant inspiration.  
Osborne's book titles always include alliteration and a mention of the subject, time and date:  Dinosaurs Before Dark, Good Morning Gorilla and Lions at Lunchtime are just a few examples.  She represents time by using the days of the week, months of the year, seasons and anything that implies time (Hurry Up, Houdini! being one of my favorite titles).  The series includes the original Magic Tree House books, the Merlin Missions (meant for older readers), and Fast Trackers, the nonfiction companions to the fictional books.  Did you know there are 54 Magic Tree House books and 34 Fast Trackers?  That is amazing!  The latest one will be out on August 1st, titled A Big Day for Baseball  (about baseball great, Jackie Robinson)  and the Fast Tracker:  Baseball.

Sal Murdocca is the illustrator for the Magic Tree House books.  His book covers are incredible.  He

does his own research to develop the cover which then goes to Mary Pope Osborne, the editor and the art director for their input and approval.  Several different covers are drawn before a final one is selected.  Interesting fact:  the cover is created and goes out for publicity before the book is even written! 
According to Entertainment Weekly, there is going to be a Magic Tree House movie!  Christmas in Camelot is being made into film by Lionsgate Entertainment.  It's at the beginning stages, but look for it in the next year or two.  So in the meantime, check out the series.  There is the right adventure for just about anyone!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

New Playaway Launchpads!!

While strolling through the department one day
In the merry, merry month of May
I was taken by surprise
By a  group of orange cases
And in a moment my curiosity was satisfied!

 That's right.  You asked for them, we've got them!  Playaway Launchpads
for kids grades 3-5.  There are some awesome options too.  Launchpads are secure pre-loaded learning tablets.  Each tablet comes with 10+ apps on themes ranging from math, science, English language arts, critical thinking and creativity.  There are even some for the younger ages about dinosaurs, princesses and animals.

Each tablet lets the user build their own Avatar to earn discovery point rewards to be used toward game play and to purchase virtual accessories.  It also provides adults feedback about the amount of time a child has spent on the tablet.

 Out of Orbit is a science themed-filled tablet filled with apps about space.  Learn more about the planet we live on, explore the galaxy, learn about the environment and different plant species.

Or try Mission Math! which teaches multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, and geometry.  These apps will help strengthen children's memory, accuracy, logic skills and number sense.  What a great way to deepen a child's overall understanding of math!

Taking a long trip and don't wait to hear those four dreadful words, "Are we there yet?"  Bring along the Are We There Yet? tablet.  These have fun brain break games for kids ages 8-10.  Play "Hungry Worms" or "Pizza Ninja."  Don't those just sound like fun?  I think the adults might be keeping this launchpad for themselves.

So next time you visit us in the Youth Services Department, stop by and ask about the launchpads.  We will be happy to show you the choices we have for various age groups!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day

Did you know how the first Mother's Day started?  Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, believed that the country needed a day for mothers.  Anna's mom and not only been special to her growing up, but also to many others in the town where she had lived.  In 1908, shortly after her mother had died, Anna planned to honor her mother with a Mother's Day celebration.  One was in Philadelphia and the other was in Grafton, West Virginia where her mother had lived.  At the church in Grafton, Anna gave out her mother's favorite flower, the carnation.  Just a year later, many churches and Sunday Schools across the country started honoring mothers with services and carnations.  It was such a good idea, that by 1914 the United States Congress made Mother's Day an official American holiday.  It is celebrated every second Sunday in May.

So now you are asking yourself - what do I get mom?  Well, I'll tell you that moms really do like when someone else does the cooking.  Breakfast in bed is ALWAYS nice or even brunch, that great meal that combines breakfast and lunch.  You could make some Kupid Kabobs (they are so simple)!  Here's the recipe:

You'll Need:
16 seedless red grapes
16 1-inch chunks cheddar cheese (about 8 ounces)
16 strawberries
16 1-inch cubes roasted turkey
bamboo Skewers

Wash and drain all the fruit.
Cube the cheese and turkey.
On skewers, create a pattern using all the above ingredients. 

That's all there is too it!

Now you'll probably want that special keepsake too.  Why not create a small Ten Things I Love About You booklet.? It's very simple. You can use Microsoft Word and create a new document.  There are business card templates that you can customize.  You can also use different colors of construction paper as well. 

Make sure you number the cards, import/draw pictures to decorate and write ten things you love about mom.  Print them out, cut apart and punch a hole in the upper left corner.  Then get a small ring and put the individual cards onto the ring in order.  You have just created a wonderful book for your mom to look at forever (especially those days where she is really mad at you for doing something you weren't supposed to do).

For other great ideas, check out the library's selection of craft books and recipe books!

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