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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's in your pocket? Hopefully a library card!

Hello again my friends.  You know I truly love my job at the Roselle Public Library.  It is so awesome to be able to check out materials whenever I want to, especially the new titles we get in all the time.  I always have my library card in my pocket ready for action.  I never know what I will be in the mood for when I enter the library; do I feel like music? a movie? an audio book? a Museum Pass? or the classic hardcover book?

What's that you say?  You don't have a library card?  Well fear not because September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month.  All you have to do is bring a parent with you and visit the circulation department.  Your parent should bring an ID that shows your family resides within the boundaries for the Roselle Public Library District and bingo! are the proud owner of a Roselle Public Library card!!!  AND you also get a FREE book just for signing up along with the possibility of receiving additional giveaways.  This sounds like such a fantastic deal!!!

That library card gives you the power to be able to check out materials from the library and to attend the great programs we have to offer like Kreative Kids, Mad Science, STEAM Sunday and Books and Popcorn.  So don't dilly-dally, get the the library lickety-split and sign up for that library card.  Tell them Mrs. Seuss sent you!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Are You a Primate?

Hi, it's your favorite Youth Services librarian again, Mrs. Seuss.  You know, now that school has started, I am all excited about learning again.  I have been walking the stacks (that's library talk for the book shelves), and surfing the web looking for what I could share with you.  Don't you worry, I came up with a whole bunch of things that caught my interest.

One of my favorite animals (besides elephants, dolphins, giraffes) are primates. Not familiar with what a primate is, well let my friend the Oxford Dictionary enlighten you. Ox -

Hello, Mrs. S.  Thanks for having me.  The word primate is a noun.  It's definition is:  a mammal of an order that includes the lemurs, bushbabies, tarsiers, marmosets, monkeys, apes, and humans.  They are distinguished by having hands, hand-like feet, and forward-facing eyes, and, with the exception of humans, are typically agile tree-dwellers.

Wow, Ox!  I forgot that I was part of the primate family.  Fascinating!  Maybe that's why my favorite book series as a young child was Curious George.  Our 500 nonfiction section houses a multitude of books about primates.  Did you know that some primates, such as apes, are endangered?  You could check out some books about primates to find out some more information about them and then follow that up with a trip to the Brookfield Zoo's Tropic World and see them in person. 

Besides Curious George, there is another famous primate main character that you MUST read when you have the chance.  Author Katherine Applegate wrote the story of Ivan the Gorilla, in The One and Only Ivan.  It's the 2013 Newbery Award winner and the second place book in the 2015 Caudill Awards (it missed first place by a mere 20 votes).  It is one of my all-time favorites that both children and adults tend to love.  While the novel is fiction, the story is based on a real-life gorilla named Ivan who lived at a shopping mall and then later was moved to the Atlanta Zoo.  Since the novel was so well received, Ms. Applegate wrote a nonfiction picture book about Ivan's life.  And YES, we own it.

So satisfy that wild side of you and swing on over to the library.  Ask any of the Youth Services staff to help you prowl down the 500 aisle in search of information about your primate relatives!

Ivan the Gorilla video
2013 Newbery Award Medal
Primate books
Curious George books

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Monday, August 24, 2015

National Just Because Day....August 27

Each year on August 27, it is National Just Because Day.  Why?  Just because!  It began in 2005 as a chance to do something without a rhyme or reason.  What is reason?  Reason is the ability the human mind has to form and operate on concepts in abstraction, in an ordered and usually goal-oriented manner.  Every day we all do things that are expected or required of us.  Well on Just Because Day, that does not apply.

Some days you may get a strange impulse to do something that as Spock would say is "illogical." Hence you don't do it.  But on Just Because Day, logic does not apply.  There may be an outfit at the mall that you are admiring; buy it...just because!

Maybe you want to use a vacation day to come to the library and read your favorite book; do it...just because!

Perhaps you'd like to pay forward for someone when you're in the drive-through line; do it...just because!

Sing really loud while you're in the car the song you downloaded from Freegal with the windows rolled down; do it...just because!

Surprise someone with their favorite book, movie or music; do it...just because!

You want to walk backwards down the hallway; do it...just because!

Do something different, out of the ordinary, something that you do not have to do but just want to do, that is what Just Because Day is all about.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Hawaiian Islands

It is my dream to take a vacation to Hawaii. Every time I hear someone say that they are leaving for
Hawaii, I'll be honest...I'm extremely jealous.  I'm getting close though.  I've been saving my pennies (well really my dollars) and I'm hoping to go next summer.  In the mean time, I am checking out books from the library learning more about the wonderful islands that make up the great state of Hawaii and planning out my trip. 

In the mean time, did you know...
  • Hawaii didn't become a state until August 21, 1959.
  • It's nickname is the Aloha State.
  • Hawaii is the only U.S. state to grow coffee.
  • Hawaiian and English are the official languages of Hawaii. 
  • There are 13 characters in the Hawaiian language.  5 vowel,  7 consonants (h,k,l,m,n,p,w) and the apostrophe.
  • Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time.
  • The Big Island is the home of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, one of the largest and most active volcanoes on earth. 
  • The islands contain rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and beaches with green, black, red and gold sand.
  • It takes nine hours to get to Hawaii from Chicago on a nonstop flight.
If you're interested in Hawaii, come on in and grab some books on it.  The library also has Hawaiian music to get you in the Aloha mood.  Since Hawaii is an island, perhaps you'd like to know more about other islands.  We've got plenty of those kinds of books too.  It's always fun to learn a little geography and know about other great place around the globe!

Hawaii books
Hawaiian music
Island books

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Camping in the great outdoors!

I cannot believe it is the middle of August.  Summer vacation is almost over and the start of school is
just days away, not weeks anymore.  Where did the time go?

There is still time to make some fun summer memories.  How about planning a camping trip?  Even just getting away for a long weekend can be a ton of fun.  My favorite part of camping is hiking in the woods.  I love looking for clues in nature.  One time I was able to see some deer in a clearing.  Another time I saw a rattlesnake sunning on a rock on a trail at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin.  You had better believe that I hightailed it away from that rock!  Snakes are not my favorite part of nature!

Even if you can't take a camping trip away from home, set up the tent in your backyard.  You can still look for clues in nature.  Remember lightning bugs?  I have actually seen some this year!  It's so much fun to catch them and put them in a jar (just remember to release them in the morning).  You can also have a campfire in your yard and make the most delicious camping food of all time.  You know what I'm going to say, right?  If you were thinking s'mores, you totally aced it!

I also heard a patron talking about how they set up the tent in the basement and were having a camp out downstairs. No mosquitoes!  Sounds like another totally awesome idea, don't you think!

So make the most of your remaining days off and don't forget to come to the library and visit us.  We can help make your last few days of summer freedom epic!

Camping books
Camping Picture books

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wiggle Your Toes

There are so fun days to celebrate throughout the year and this is one of them.  On August 6th, it's Wiggle Your Toes Day!  It's a day to give your little piggy toes some exercise.  I think Mother Goose would love this day!

Cramped up in shoes all day long, your stinky toes don't get the chance to move about as freely as they would like.  I celebrated the day a little early.  My toes got some free time wiggly in the sand by the Gulf of Mexico.  And they loved it!  Why don't you wiggle your toes by the pool or sit on a dock and wiggle your little piggies in the water.  How refreshing!

Did You Know?  Not all toes are alike.  Just like people, toes come  in all shapes and sizes.  There is a small percentage of the population who have two or more toes partially joined together...web-like toes.

On August 11, it's Son and Daughter Day.  It's a day for parents to spend time with their children.  It's not a day of gift giving, instead it's a day to spend time with them.  That's the greatest gift of all.  The library would be a great place to stop that day when spending time together.  You can do a puzzle together, play a board game, sit on the couch and read a favorite book together.  Enjoy the day just being a family and building a memory!

Mother Goose Titles
Son books
Daughter books

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happiness Happens Month

You all made me so happy coming in to visit me at the library all summer that I want to continue the happiness because you can't have too much HAPPY!  There is a Secret Society of Happy People who have deemed the month of August to the Happiness Happens Month.  During the month of August, focus on doing things that make you and others happy.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Toast in Happiness Happens Month on August 1st with pink lemonade!  Why pink lemonade?  Because Happy People know how to turn lemons into lemonade.  
  2. Use the hashtag #HappinessHappens when posting anything happy on FB, Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat.
  3. Pass out SILVER kisses because not-so-secretly happy people have a way to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds.
  4. Make a Happy Treasure Chest.  Get a box and make it look uniquely happy.  Fill it with things that bring a smile to your face, like photos, cards, ticket stubs, jokes, music, small toys, anything that makes you smile.
  5. Draw a picture to make someone else happy.  Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles love to get drawings from their favorite little people.
  6. Come to the library to check out your favorite book, movie, or video game.  Play on our computers, do a puzzle or play a board game.
  7. Call your friend and take a bike ride to the park.
  8. Have a small party with your friends in the backyard.  Turn on the sprinkler or have a water balloon fight.
  9. Make cookies.  Cookies always make people happy!
  10. Check out a Museum Pass from the library and go on an adventure with family and friends!
There are so many things to do to make you happy.   I just gave you ten possibilities and I know you can think of many more.  So make August your happy month.  And why not continue that feeling onto September, October, November.....

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