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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Notes from a volunteer

Hello, I’m Jessica, and I work as a volunteer at the Roselle Public Library. I’m 18 years old, from the town of Bensenville, and I really enjoy working in the library as a volunteer! I first started my volunteer work in mid-August and I’ve been coming there ever since. The reason why I volunteer there is because I need experience and job training for getting a part time job. So far, I’ve been doing a very great job at the Roselle Public Library, working from 9:30am to 11:30am from Mondays through Fridays.
First thing I do when I walk in the library is sign in, take my badge, and take the basket of cards to organize them. After sorting out the due date cards to their appropriate dates, I put away the magazines and make sure they’re in the right shelf. After the magazines, I take a cart full of children’s DVDs upstairs and put them away in alphabetical order. Once I’ve organized and put away the children’s DVDs, I do other small jobs. From stamping, organizing, pulling out books, clean the children’s puzzles and blocks, and I even help out with graphic design for small, simple posters for the library since I’m working on becoming a graphic artist/illustrator.
I love my volunteer job so far, and I’m hoping to branch off from the library and get a part time job at another library as a page. Every person I’ve met at the Roselle Public Library is so nice and kind. They’re also very fun to talk to, and very helpful! At the moment, I’m working on a graphics project for the library and it’s coming along great. That’s it about what I do in the Roselle Public Library.

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