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Monday, February 17, 2014

Those Wonderful, Fantastic, Incredible Online Resources

So I can tell that you are pretty tech savvy.  You made it to this page, so you must be a real whiz at this computer stuff.  Good for you!  But do you ever worry that what you are looking at on this big old internet isn't the truth?  There you are, sitting at your desk at home, ready to take on a research paper.  What do you do?  You Google everything, right?  No, no, no my friends.  While Google can help give you a basic understanding of a topic, you cannot depend on it.  I could post something on the internet saying that koala bears are the biggest bears in the world.  Do you think that is right?  NOPE, I fooled you.  Koalas are not even bears silly, they are marsupials.  Anywho, you got to find the real stuff, and we have it here at the library.  That's right, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home and pjs!  As long as you have a Roselle Public Library card, you can access premium databases at home!  Isn't that great?  You could just roll out of bed, turn on the computer, and find all the correct information you need - right at your little fingertips.  And it isn't any harder than Googling.  You can follow the link below to a list of our databases.  Which ones do I like, you ask?  Well, I am flattered you think so highly of my opinion.  Stop, you're making me blush over here.  Grolier and World Book are two that I am particularly fond of - saving me many a times from making a fool out of myself by offering the wrong information to others.

World Book Online Kids has so much information; it is practically bursting off your screen.  You can learn about animals, plants, people, history and so much more.  They also have some fun games and activities to play with - great for rainy, or should I say snowy days, at home.  They even have videos!  I just watched a big old bear romp around in the water and catch himself a fish for dinner.  All easily accessible for young children, the information provided on World Book will make any day fun and any project more complete.

Grolier Online, another great database for all you smartypants out there, offers more in-depth articles brimming with information for you slightly older whippersnappers (boy, I must be getting old to use that word.  Next thing you know, I'll be telling you how I had to walk ten miles uphill to school - BOTH WAYS!)  Need to come up with a science project?  Grolier has a big long list of them with directions even!  Got a conundrum and don't know what conundrum means?  Well, Grolier has a dictionary just a click away.  News, history, science, and more can be found on Grolier.

So what are you waiting for?  Get clicking, and find some authentic, reliable info and be the brains in your class.  You can access all the databases at the library, or anytime from home with your library card.  Good luck, and may the databases be with you.

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