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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day

Have you 'lost that lovin' feelin?'  Well, 'ain't that a shame?'  It is especially heartbreaking at this time of year when 'love is in the air, every sight and every sound.'
See what I did there?
Heartbreak....hearts, Valentine's Day....I knew you would catch it.
But 'what's love got to do with it?' you ask.  Well, we 'love you, yeah, yeah, yeah' so we have come up with some great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, and that, 'crazy little thing called love,' and it's all, 'sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows!'

Laminated heart suncatchers, made out of some contact paper and tissue paper.  Start by sandwiching different color pieces of tissue paper between the sticky sides of contact paper.  Cut the contact paper into a heart, then hole punch and string some yarn through.  'At last' some light and love in the house during this unbearable winter with this craft.

Oven, time to get to work!  Make a delicious treat for someone special.  Mom could use some cookies.  Dad loves cakes.  Brother and sister adore pies.  So many yummy things to cook, just crank up that oven, and start baking and you're 'gonna make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah!'

Visit with Grandma or Pops.  Don't stop there, visit the neighbors with mom or dad and say hi.  Call Aunt Sue.  'Do you believe in magic?'  Because everyone will once you spend some time with them - that's 'the power of love.'

Everyone needs a valentine!  Make Valentine's Day cards for your friends and family, but don't stop there.  Make some extras and send them to the library, or the VA hospital, or to an animal shelter.  You can make everyone a lot happier with just a little paper, glue, scissors, and crayons.

Of course, all these activities should be done with grownups.  So, 'how deep is your love' for the library right now?  I know, pretty stinking deep!  And wait, there's more!  Not only do we have oh so many books for you to check out about love, hearts, Valentine's Day, and more, but we have a bonus activity for you too.  You might have noticed some 'old fashioned love songs playing' throughout my post here.  I knew you saw it - I can't hide anything from you.  You can do the same thing.  Find some song titles, or lyrics that you love and write a story around them.  Use the lyrics as quotations for your characters.  This is a fun way to incorporate your favorite songs into your writing.  Not in the writing mood?  I hear you - draw a picture instead.  Pick a song title and illustrate it.

In case you were wondering here are all the titles of the songs I used right here in this little old posting.
"You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'" by the Righteous Brothers
"Ain't that a Shame" by Fats Domino (that's right, Fats....look him up, he is a riot!)
"Love is in the Air" by John Paul Young
"What's Love Got to do with It" by Tina Turner
"She Love You" by the Beatles
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen
"Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore (this song may rot your teeth, it is so sweetly perfect)
"At Last" by Etta James
"Sugar Sugar" by The Archies
"Do You Believe in Magic" by The Lovin Spoonful (A double whammy - a love song, and a band name that uses love.  That's a triple word score for the win!)
"The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis (No, he is not the duck from Huey, Dewey and Louie)
"How Deep is Your Love" by the Bee Gees (yes, those are men singing those high notes)
"Old Fashioned Love Song" by Three Dog Night (My mom saw them play is a story that will live on for generations in my family)

So that's 13 songs or lyrics in one little, teeny tiny post.  Can you beat me and cram more mushy love songs into a story? 

 Valentine's Day Materials

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