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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray for the Youth Art Month Display

Boy, do we have something great down here at the library for you to see!  I am so excited about it that I can hardly keep it in.  So here is Youth Art Month in March, and we have displayed artwork from area schools along our walls in the Youth Services Department.  Whew, I feel so much better getting that out there!  Pretty pastels, pleasing pencils, wicked watercolors, and more are on display, all done by children that you may even know!  I have been busy sticking these pieces of art up, and I can't even begin to tell you how talented these kids are in art.  I am jealous.  That's right, down right jealous, of 7 year olds to boot!  They have more artistic talent in their little pinkies than I have entirely.  Oh well, such is life.  Now we have artwork  from a variety of ages and schools, so you will just have to come on down here and take a look.  You won't be disappointed. 

We have masterpieces from Erickson Elementary, St. Walter School, Medinah District 11, Trinity Lutheran School, Spring Hills Elementary, and Medinah Christian School.  These kids worked hard on their art, so now is the time to support their achievements and skill.  Now I wouldn't blame you if you get inspired by all these beauties of art and want to create your very own.  Break out the watercolors or the colored pencils and get drawing!  Not sure how to start?  Well, it just so happens that we have a whole bunch of books about art and how to draw here at the library.  Maybe you're more interested in a particular artist?  Motivated by Monet?  Stirred by Salvador Dali?  Eager for some Edgar Degas?  You're in luck!  We have many biographies and art books on particular artists as well. 

So now, you must excuse me as my art shall wait no longer.  Draw I must....even if it is just stick figures....hey it's the best I can do!

Books about artists
Books on how to draw

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