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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Magic in the library

Hocus Pocus, Alakazam!  POOF!  Cough, cough, whoops, too much disappearing smoke that time.  I will have to perfect my poofiness in the future.  Anyway, it is a magical time of year.  First of all, we have Saint Patrick's Day, with all its green mischief, leaping leprechauns, and fantastical rainbows.  It is a magical day full of luck and magic, so be sure to celebrate and read some good old Irish tales.

Now if you don't get your fill of magic on St. Pat's Day, then you can head on over (remember I am at the Roselle Public Library) and find all kinds of magic happening here.  Programs are starting again, and they have a magical theme to them this time around.  Listen to stories, make crafts, and learn all about mysteriously magical stuff.  I've seen some of the things my fellow librarians are working on for storytimes, and they are seriously cool.  You are going to want to sign up...don't make me hypnotize you.  You're getting sleepy, very sleepy.  Just kidding, I know I don't have to hypnotize you because these programs are so fun that you will be lining up to get in.  Remember to register!

During spring break week, we have some awesome special programs set up for you to enjoy - a showing of the movie Frozen (one of my favorite new movies...Let it go, let it go....ok, don't complain, I'll stop singing), Lego My Lego, Crafting Magic, and a performance by the magician Great Scott.

Now if that isn't magical enough for you, you can always stop on in, and we can mystifyingly read your mind and find an excellent book for you to read.  Us librarians have super magical powers that allow us to find fabulous books for you, so just ask us anytime you stop in the library.  Or check out our Blogger Book Club, where you can read reviews of new books to our department.  This library has always been a magical place, and now we have even more magic to share with you.

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