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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Green Machine

Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH!  Oh, don't mind me.  I am just enjoying a delicious and nutritious snack here.  You see, it is National Nutrition Month in March, and I am trying my little heart out to eat better.  For me, that means devouring those leafy, crunchy, sometimes slimy, mushy, gross green things.  Vegetables folks!  And I for one am not a fan of said vegetables.  I could probably give any three year old a run for their money in the picky eating department, but hey, it is better to start now than never.  I have mastered broccoli, spinach, and even those shady looking green beans - that's a big one for me.  I am well on my way to eating better, and almost feel like a little bunny eating so many veggies.  So here I sit, with my ants on a log (haha, sounds like I have some pet ants, but it is really celery with yummy peanut butter and chewy raisins on top) and I am munching and crunching away.  Nom, nom, nom.  Hey, eating better can be pretty good.  Stuff I used to dread seeing on my plate is now pretty fabulous.  Tastes buds change over time and so do you - so give those lima beans another try.  I know, I know - it is the end of March already, and yes, nutrition month is on its way out, but that doesn't mean that you can't start now.
Now nutrition can only get you so far.  It is a huge help, but exercising will help even more.  So get outside - the weather is finally bearable.  Take a jog, throw a Frisbee, or play a game of tag.  Put on some new walking shoes, strap the kids in the stroller, slap some new tennis balls on grandma's walker, and just get out there!

Well, have I got you thinking yet about nutrition and exercise?  I sure hope so.  We have great materials here that can help get you and the kids cooking nutritious foods, and outside to play.  We have so many fun kid friendly cookbooks that you could read until your eyes cross!  So, if I can get over my fear of eating veggies, then you can do it too, although seeing that veggie face on the left kind of brings back the fear.  I am watching you....muhahaha!  Just kidding, he looks good enough to eat!  I am a Green Machine - watch out!  Check out the links below for some awesome resources!

Cookbooks for kids
Exercise materials for kids
Choose My Plate Website 

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