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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Advantage

::shh::  I have a secret  ::shh::
So, I am around kids all day, every day.  And I thank my lucky stars for that, since I just love working with kids so stinking much.  Anyway, when you are around kids enough at a library, you start to notice something.  You see, I am about to let you in on a little secret.  I know, I could get in trouble for this, but you guys, my invisible internet friends, are worth it!  Now, come really close to the screen because I have to whisper this.  Are you ready? ::shhh::  Kids love technology.  ::shhh::  There, I said it.  I know - it is shocking.  Dare I say even flabbergasting?  I do dare.  It is flabbergasting!

Now, all foolishness aside, you probably already knew that kids enjoy technology as much or more than adults.  But did you also know that kids love series books?  Series are awesome!  You get to know the setting and characters in the first book.  You fall in love with those characters and you need to know how they carry on with life after the first book, and this is exactly what a series does for kids (and adults too for that matter).  Some series books end in cliff hangers and you can't get the next book in your hot little hands fast enough.  Most kids cannot get enough of a good book series.  And series are great for reluctant or struggling readers to.  These readers are hooked on book one and they have to read more and more books to find out what happens, so series are a great option.  After they finish a series, they might just be feeling good about reading and want to read even more.  It is amazing what a great series can do for a kid.  
How I feel about math

So, why don't we combine these things I have learned about kids?  Technology + Series Books + Kids = No Brainer.  See, who said I wasn't good at math?  We have added the following series to our ebook selection on the website (check out the link below):

~ Diary of a Wimpy Kid
~ Lightning Thief Series
~ Series of Unfortunate Events
~ My Weird School Daze
~ My Weirder School   

Check out my fancy pants
Amazing right?  Now, here comes the best part.  You know how your library card is the most valuable card in your wallet?  Well my friends, it just went to the fancy pants Advantage level, because these series are only available to download for Roselle card holders.  Such honors!  So, there you have it folks, great series available in a great way.  Time to get reading!

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