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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gotcha! Caught you reading!

I've got my eye on you!
I know how these things start.  You see a cover you like, and you think, "hmm, that might be just what I am looking for."  Then, you flip open to the first page.  You breathe in the scent of the crisp new pages with the fresh black ink and you read the first sentence.  In the back of your mind, you are thinking, "I have a project to work on or homework to do.  I don't have time to read this right now."  You try to put the book aside, and you turn back to the computer screen.  But all the while, the book is sitting in your peripheral vision, calling to you, begging you to read it.  Just one little chapter.  That can't hurt anything, right?  So, you pick it up and start speed reading, feeling both guilty and sneaky, but oh so untamed and giddy.  But then you can't stop.  You have to know what happens next and you just keep reading and reading.  And that's how it happens.  You get caught reading!  Now I know just how spellbinding a good book can be.  Right this very minute, I am fighting the temptation to read a fabulous new book, The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage. But sometimes, most of the time actually, getting caught reading isn't such a bad thing.

Classic tactic - reading by flashlight
Night time - now that's the real catch.  There is nothing more inviting than crawling into bed, pulling the covers up, switching on the bedside lamp, and reading a good book before bed.  We all have bedtimes, and big days tomorrow, but sometimes, you just have to read that one extra chapter before going to sleep, and of course, that is when you get caught!  Maybe it is your parents who catch you reading, or maybe just the cat, but still, you are caught reading!

Even Fluffy gets caught reading!
Honestly, I think getting caught without a book is more of a crime.  Say you are sitting at the dentist office, waiting for your turn.  You could sit there and stare at the wall, or you could bring a book with you, and read your little heart out until your name is called.  Sure, the hygienist may catch you reading, but there's no harm in that.  Moral of the story - always have a book with you!

All those who know me, know that I am a repeat offender - often reading when I shouldn't, but reading is just oh so good that it is hard to stop!  So, take a chance this month and get caught reading.  It is Get Caught Reading Month during May after all, so take advantage of it.  It is worth it!

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