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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DINO-mite Nonfiction

Did you know Miss Liz and Miss Tammi are huge fans of nonfiction books?  We are really excited that science is the theme of summer reading; so excited that we have been scouring our shelves looking for all kinds of science topics.  We invite you to share in our enthusiasm of nonfiction and check out our special bins.  Each week of summer reading, these bins will be filled with fun and interesting nonfiction selections based of a science topic.  Did you guess what this week’s topic is from our title?  If you guessed Dinosaurs, you were correct! 
Here are some cool facts about dinosaurs that we learned from some of our books:
Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki
Did you know that a scientist who studies ancient plants and animals is called a paleontologist?  How about a scientist who can tell the age of rocks and fossils?  That scientist is called a geologist.  We learned that a draftsman is a person who draws pictures of the fossils.
Next, we read Dino Dung by Dr. Karen Chin and Thom Holmes.  The book is all about coprolite, the scientific  way of saying poop, scat, feces, droppings, pie, pellets (we could go on, but we’ll let you come up with some of your own synonyms).  Come on, who doesn’t find the study of coprolite a fascinating topic!
And finally, you cannot read about dinosaurs without reading a book on the T-Rex.  Tyrannosaurus Rex  by Daniel Cohen fills you in on all the facts you need to know about the big creature.  Did you know that the name Tyrannosaurus Rex means “king tyrant reptile” and that they roamed the western United States and Canada?   
So roam on over and trek up to the Youth Services Department to get your hands on these prehistoric gems.  Don’t forget, the minutes spent reading about dinosaurs count towards your summer reading minutes!


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