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Monday, August 4, 2014

Holiday Road

Packing my bags
So the Summer Reading Program is over.....booooo.....and summer is winding down.....double booo!  But you still have time left to enjoy the summer before school starts.  Maybe, just maybe, your family is lucky enough to be going on vacation soon.  Maybe you are going to see a National Park, like Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite.  Or possibly you are going to fly over to Europe and see wonderful countries like Poland, England, or France.  Traveling can be a wonderful experience that will change your life and how you look at it.  But before you get to these wonderful destinations, you have to travel a car or plane or a ship.  Now I know, you think you will be all excited, and can hardly think about anything else other than your destination.  But then reality hits.  You are sitting in a car looking at field after field of corn.  Are we there yet?!?  Nope, another 15 hours to go!  Oh no!!  Well, luckily for you, you stopped into the library before you left and checked out some fabulous audio books to listen to, and some books to read during those quiet moments.

I can feel the breeze just looking at this
Audio books are a life saver.  I never really knew about them until I became a librarian, and then it was on.  I hardly go anywhere without a book playing away in my car.  As I clean up the house, I have a book blasting loud, making my chores quick and easy.  Audio books just make life easier.  Not only do you get to listen to an awesome book, but it makes time fly by also!

So say you are sitting on a beach when you reach your destination.  After splashing around, building sand
castles, and having a grand old time, you are going to want to sit and relax and read a book on the beach.  Nothing is better than listening to the water, feeling the hot sun, and digging into a great book.  Luckily for you, you can get both books and audio books at the library.

Now I know not all of us are lucky enough to be traveling at the moment, but that is the magical thing about books.  You can pick up a book and travel anywhere.  You can easily travel to other countries, to other times, even to mystical imaginary places just be reading a book.  Some of my best traveling is done through the books I read. 

So if I were you, I would sneak in a couple more books or audio books before school starts, and travel while you can.

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