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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Monarchs Have Arrived

Prepare your finest attire - bow ties, fancy hats, dresses, you know - the works.  Learn how to properly bow or curtsy.  Don't forget to bathe....get those fingernails nice and clean, because you are about to meet a real monarch!  Make that two monarchs.  Oh, did I mention they are monarch butterflies? didn't think you were actually going to meet royalty did you?  Well, this is close enough.

The monarchs that have been holding reign in the youth services department of the Roselle Public Library have finally turned into butterflies.  You watched them fatten up as caterpillars, hang around as chrysalises, and now you get to see the final flourish...the beautiful butterflies.

You can tell a male monarch butterfly from a female by the two black spots on his hind wings.  Females do not have spots on their hind wings and the female's black webbing within the wings is thicker.  Most monarch butterflies only live a few weeks.  However, the last generation of monarchs to be born in late August is the migratory generation.  The shorter, cooler days of fall prevent the butterflies from maturing completely, so they live about eight or nine months - long enough to fly south for the winter and back again to reproduce in the spring.  Talk about a winter vacation!

Adult monarch butterflies eat nectar from flowers, so be sure you have a nice flowery garden in your backyard if you wish to see, and help these fabulous beauties survive.  Our monarchs are happily fluttering around our butterfly tent waiting for you to come in and greet them royalty....oh, I am only kidding.  They are just happy to see you...fine attire or not!

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