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Friday, August 15, 2014

We have the solution

So if you have been reading along, I just professed my love for audio books in the last post or so.  I could not live without audio books these days.  They keep me moving, they keep me interested, and they keep me sane as I fight dust in my house, and traffic on the road.  Reading books is great too - I read all the time!  But sometimes, listening to a book can really bring it to life, especially when the narrators are fabulously outstanding.

Nowadays, audio books are available many different ways.  You can get CD's, download them to your phone or a different device, and even get these wonderful little inventions called playaways.  We carry a number of playaways here at the library.  Each playaway is a small device with an audio book loaded on it.  All you have to do is plug some headphones into it, and listen away.  But what if you are really into a playaway, and the whole family wants to listen in?  Well, we now have a solution.

Happily listening to a playaway!
Available at the circulation desk, is a nifty little cord that can be plugged into the playaway instead of
headphones.  The other end of the cord can then be plugged into a stereo or car stereo through the aux connector.  Then all you have to do is hit play and it will play through the stereo.  So, problem solved!  Listen to your playaway anywhere with anyone....make that everyone!  See we are always thinking over here at the library about how to improve your experience.

So if you are planning a road trip, this cord is a must have, along with a good playaway of course.  Or if you just want to listen to a book as a family, this is a great option.  Come on in and check one out today!

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