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Friday, October 24, 2014

What a spooktacular idea!

Give me your candy...or else!!
Halloween is just around the corner.  Costumes need to be made, decorations put up, pumpkins carved, and tricks planned.  It is a busy time of year for just about everyone.  As with any holiday, it is important to take some time to really enjoy the big day, and make it memorable for the little guys.  Many families make trips to the pumpkin farm, or the apple orchard, or even a haunted house or maze.  This is great for the older kids, who can remember what they do from year to year, but for the little ones, it may just be a fleeting moment and then forgotten.

It would just be a shame for all those fun times to be lost on your little ones, so why not create a small memory book for your child?  Now, I know you are short on time, but this really only takes a few minutes - I promise, and it will bring your kids lots of joy, and even help their literacy skills. 

Everyone say "cheese!"
While you are out gallivanting with the family at a fun place like the pumpkin patch or the zoo, be sure to take many pictures with family members.  When you get home, print some of the photos and place each one on a separate piece of construction paper.  Below each picture, write a simple sentence of what was happening and who is in the photo.  For instance, you could write, "Sally picked up a big, round, orange pumpkin."  Punch a hole in the top corner of each page, and tie a ribbon through all of the pages and you are done.  See?  Simple!  Now sit down with your child, and read about your adventure!  Look at the pictures and point out different colors, shapes, letters, and more.  Your little one will have a grand time looking at people he knows doing something fun.

When you are done with your personalized adventure story, you can always drop by the library and pick up some more adventure books.  We have plenty of holiday and fall books, so stop in and check some out.  We also have numerous movies and CDs to get you into the spooky Halloween spirit. 

And don't forget our Halloween Fun program for kids ages birth through age 6!  That program is on Wednesday, October 29th, at 10AM.  Be sure to register and wear your costumes!

Halloween picture books
Halloween movies for kids
Sign up for Halloween Fun Program

Happy Halloween!


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