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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh so many programs!

November is a busy time for everyone, but I know I am never too busy to visit the library.  As the weather gets colder, and the skies get darker earlier, all I want to do is curl up with a great book and a mug of hot chocolate...and a cookie or two.  You can never have too many cookies.  Anyway, I make sure that I always have a stack of fabulous books to read - nothing is worse than finishing a book and not have another one to dive into immediately after.  And boy do I read, so  am constantly running over to the library to grab a couple extra books.

Now when I get to the library, I am sure to check out the events they have coming up soon.  I'd be a turkey not to check.  Get it?  A Turkey.....November and Thanksgiving.....hardy, har, har, har.  I know it was cheesy, but that is just my kind of humor.  Moving on, the Roselle Public Library has a number of events coming up soon that I just know you will want to attend.  So, get ready because I am about to speed through all the fun activities we have going on here.

First we have a program for all you mad scientists out there - Mad Science Lab.  It takes place on Saturday, November 15, and you will learn how to do a whole bunch of awesome experiments that you can replicate at home!  Be sure to register!

Next, on Monday, November 17, we have Books & Popcorn, where they will be discussing Toys Go Out.  Again, reading, eating, and talking - need I say more?  Just make sure to register and pick up a copy of the book before Monday.

On Thursday, November 20, scarecrows take over the storytime room during Kreative Kids.  We will do a scarecrow craft, read books, and play games and have a grand time.  Please register for this program as I sound like a broken record yet?  Do kids even know what a record is these days?  Did I just show my age? 

Oh, and finally, a program you don't have to register for - the Family Movie on Saturday, November 22!  Come on in with the whole family and take in a great movie for free!

So there you have it.  A lot is going on at the Roselle Public Library and you won't want to miss any of it!

Events Calendar - so you can register!

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