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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh Thanksgiving Week

La, la, la, la
Thanksgiving week, Thanksgiving week, how did you sneak up on me?  Oh Thanksgiving week, Thanksgiving week, I stuffed my face and can hardly speak.  Luckily I know a place, that is filled with hope and many a bookcase.  It's the library, the library, where I spend all of my free time.

I play a mean game of checkers
Thank you, thank you.  I know you appreciate my song writing skills...make that forcing words to fit a holiday song.  Anyway, the library is the place to be Thanksgiving week.  The week of Thanksgiving, November 23-29, just happens to be National Game and Puzzle Week.  And guess what!?!  The Roselle Public Library has oh so many fabulous puzzles to check out and take home, and a whole big stack of board games you can play right here in the library.  The kids have a few days off school, so stop on by, play a game, and pick up some puzzles, books, and movies for home.  Keep those kids happy and busy while you are cooking away in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day...hey, that rhymed.  I am on fire today!

See you at the Roselle Public Library
So after eating and eating on Thursday, and shopping till you drop on Friday, you will need something spectacular to do on Saturday.  Join us for our Celebrate the Season program, which starts at 1pm.  Singer and entertainer, Tom Malouf, will sing old favorites and start the holiday season off right.  Then a special visitor will join us at 2pm.  Here is a hint:  HO, HO, HO!  You guessed it - Santa Claus will be here to say hello to the kids, along with our very own Rose Queen.  No registration is necessary, and it will be fun for the whole family. 

So, enjoy this Thanksgiving week - I know I will enjoy it at the library!

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