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Friday, December 12, 2014

Games Galore!

How many days until school starts again?
Well, it is just about that time of year.  Winter Break time.  Did you just break out in a cold sweat?  That's right, that time of year where you and the kids will be in the same house for hours on end, for days on end....together....watching the clock tick by slowly.  Now, I know, this could be a wonderful, joyous situation, but at some point the kids will get bored.  And you might just get a little tired of hearing, "Mom, I am bored.  Mom, I have nothing to do.  Dad, entertain me!  Mom, Mom, MOM, dad, Dad, DAD!!" 

Well, we have a solution for you.  Actually, we have many solutions to the boredom problem since we have so much to offer you, but for now, I have a new solution.  The Roselle Public Library now has PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U games available for checkout.  Of course, we have always had video games available for checkout, but now we have the newest, the coolest, the best games out there too! 

No hysterics here...the library to the rescue
So, when you are desperately trying to wrap those last three gifts, and your lovely, angel face of a child is pulling on your shirtsleeve, begging you for something fun to do, you can come on over to the library, checkout a few of the new games, and you will have peace and quiet in your home once more.  See nothing to worry about over winter break.  Who knows, it could even turn into a family game night, and you'll have fun playing these games too with your little darlings. 
A happy family once more

And should your child tire of these awesomely fabulous new games, we certainly have more to entertain their growing minds, like books, Books, and more BOOKS!  Picture books, novels, non-fiction - you name it, we have it.  We also have movies and even puzzles you can checkout and take home.  So, winter break doesn't have to send you into hysterics, because we here at the library have you covered.

PS4 games
Xbox One games
Wii U games

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