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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Read my Lips

I just love Toothiana.  Best Tooth Fairy ever!
Let me see those pearly whites.  Give us a big smile because it is National Children's Dental Health Month in February.  Not only is this the perfect time to talk about teeth then, but on Saturday, February 28th, it is also National Tooth Fairy Day.  So, that being said, I hope it isn't like pulling teeth to get you and your family to care for those chompers in your mouth!  Taking care of your teeth can actually be a fun experience.  We have so many fun books about teeth, the tooth fairy, and the dentist here, and they will all give you a reason to smile wide and show off those gleaming white teeth.  Of course, I have my favorites - Bear's Loose Tooth, Clarabella's Teeth, and a fictional novel, Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies.  If you have ever watched The Rise of the Guardians movie, then you know who Toothiana is and this book tells you how she became the tooth fairy that we all know and love.

These guys are gabbing away about the library!
So what a great way to spend this week and weekend - reading up on how to care for your teeth, some silly tooth stories, and sharing the tooth fairy's story as a family.  And do you know what makes this month even better?  It is Word of Mouth Month...see how fabulous it is?  We are already talking all about our mouths and teeth, and on top of that it is time to spread the word about how wonderful the library is during Word of Mouth Month!  So, I shall begin my Word of Mouth Month here about the library - I believe the library, the Roselle Public Library in particular, is a place full of light and hope.  It brings me peace, happiness, and adventure through the many stories you can find here.  If I can't go on vacation, then a book is the next best thing.  I can escape into a book and forget the world around me.  Anyway, it is now your time to use those pearly whites and get talking about the library during Word of Mouth Month.

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