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Friday, March 13, 2015

Easy as Pie

Time to get messy!
So I hope you have your thinking cap on.  The brain has to really be working the next couple of days because not only is it Albert Einstein's 136th birthday, but it is also Pi Day - 3.14 - this weekend!  So, we should celebrate and dig into some math and science!  I am all about the messy kitchen science experiments, and boy do we have the books to teach you simple experiment recipes to do at home.  Check out some books, gather the materials, and get messy!

Sad to say, math and science were never my favorite subjects in school.  I would study and do alright in these subjects, but English and history were my areas to shine.  So, instead of cranking out numbers, equations, and formulas this weekend, I think I would rather read a biography about Albert Einstein.  There are some really fabulous biographies about Einstein out there - even picture book biographies!  Also, although Einstein regretted endorsing the idea, he had a key role in the United States building the atomic bomb during World War II, so you may want to check out some books about that as well.  Or if that doesn't float your boat, then read about Germany - Einstein's homeland.
Pi Day...good excuse to eat pie!

I know, most of you probably think you get enough math and science at school, but there are tons of
fun ways to make learning about science and the people behind the equations interesting.  And if all else fails, bake a pie in honor of Pi day.  Cherry, apple, peach...the possibilities are endless.

Science experiment books
Albert Einstein biographies
Books about Germany
Math books

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