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Monday, May 11, 2015

What do kites, tulips and bikes have in common?

May is a particularly busy month filled with so many celebrations.  One of my little known favorites is Fly a Kite Day on May 12th.  It makes me think of that great Mary Poppins song, Let's Go Fly a Kite.  I really love the sense of fun and freedom that comes with flying a kite.  It's so awesome when your kite catches the wind and it starts to ascend into the air.  I may not be great at flying kites, but my eyes are always drawn to the sky to follow the bob and weave of a kite and to see how high it can go.  Maybe I'll try making my own kite.  The library has books on how to make your own kite and tricks to flying it successfully.  What a great family project that would be!  The next time the sun is shining and a nice breeze is blowing, why not ask if you can go fly a kite!

While you are flying these kites, you may get attracted to the beautiful tulips that have sprung up in the area.  May 13th is Tulip Day.  I immediately think of the country Holland when I see tulips.  Did you know that there are 109 different types of tulips that can be grown in gardens and parks?  Tulips bloom into vivid colors, announcing spring and reminding me that summer is just around the corner.  Tulips also make me think about planting my flower garden.  There is this great new book the library got a few months ago about planting butterfly gardens.  The title is Super Simple Butterfly Gardens:  A Kid's Guide to Gardening by Alex Kuskowski.  I think I may check it out to inspire me for some gardening ideas.

With summer being around the corner, it's time to dust off my bike, pump up the tires, put my helmet on and take a cruise around the neighborhood looking for those beautiful tulips.  May is National Bike Month and it is celebrated in many communities in the area.  It was established in 1956 for the purpose of sharing the many benefits of bicycling and to encourage more folks to give it a try.  Bike to Work Week is May 11-15, so you may see a lot more people peddling around town.  Maybe I'll even join in and ride my bike to the library that week.  It's a great way to get my exercise and to help preserve the environment.  Just make sure you follow the bike safety rules so that you get to your destination safely.

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