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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Summer, Kick Back and Relax!

Summer is now in full swing, but you need to remember to slow down and find time to relax and enjoy it.  During these Dog Days of summer (remember that post a few weeks back), there is no better time to slow down and relax, especially when you are laying in a hammock enjoying the cool shade from your favorite tree. 

July 22nd is Hammock Day.  It's a day that exists for us to enjoy summer as it should be (winter will be here sooner than you think.  BRRR).  No lawn work today, just chilling in the shade reading the newest book you decided to check out from Roselle Public Library to count towards your summer reading goal (remember the program ends on July 31st)!  I've got my hammock reserved on the beach of Pensacola, Florida and my book is already picked out.

Oh and by the way, July 23rd is a very "cool" day too.  It's the day the ice cream cone was invented back in 1904.  Charles E. Minches of St. Louis, Missouri filled a pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream, and ta-da....the ice cream cone was born! 

Now let's add an ice cream cone with two scoops of mint chocolate chip into the mix of relaxing in my hammock and reading my good book.  Now you've got a great day.  I've gotta go, the ice cream is starting to drip!  Yummy!

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