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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Camping in the great outdoors!

I cannot believe it is the middle of August.  Summer vacation is almost over and the start of school is
just days away, not weeks anymore.  Where did the time go?

There is still time to make some fun summer memories.  How about planning a camping trip?  Even just getting away for a long weekend can be a ton of fun.  My favorite part of camping is hiking in the woods.  I love looking for clues in nature.  One time I was able to see some deer in a clearing.  Another time I saw a rattlesnake sunning on a rock on a trail at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin.  You had better believe that I hightailed it away from that rock!  Snakes are not my favorite part of nature!

Even if you can't take a camping trip away from home, set up the tent in your backyard.  You can still look for clues in nature.  Remember lightning bugs?  I have actually seen some this year!  It's so much fun to catch them and put them in a jar (just remember to release them in the morning).  You can also have a campfire in your yard and make the most delicious camping food of all time.  You know what I'm going to say, right?  If you were thinking s'mores, you totally aced it!

I also heard a patron talking about how they set up the tent in the basement and were having a camp out downstairs. No mosquitoes!  Sounds like another totally awesome idea, don't you think!

So make the most of your remaining days off and don't forget to come to the library and visit us.  We can help make your last few days of summer freedom epic!

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