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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wiggle Your Toes

There are so fun days to celebrate throughout the year and this is one of them.  On August 6th, it's Wiggle Your Toes Day!  It's a day to give your little piggy toes some exercise.  I think Mother Goose would love this day!

Cramped up in shoes all day long, your stinky toes don't get the chance to move about as freely as they would like.  I celebrated the day a little early.  My toes got some free time wiggly in the sand by the Gulf of Mexico.  And they loved it!  Why don't you wiggle your toes by the pool or sit on a dock and wiggle your little piggies in the water.  How refreshing!

Did You Know?  Not all toes are alike.  Just like people, toes come  in all shapes and sizes.  There is a small percentage of the population who have two or more toes partially joined together...web-like toes.

On August 11, it's Son and Daughter Day.  It's a day for parents to spend time with their children.  It's not a day of gift giving, instead it's a day to spend time with them.  That's the greatest gift of all.  The library would be a great place to stop that day when spending time together.  You can do a puzzle together, play a board game, sit on the couch and read a favorite book together.  Enjoy the day just being a family and building a memory!

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