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Monday, October 5, 2015

1,2,3,4,5! I Love to Count!

It's your favorite librarian Mrs. Seuss here ready to share a story from when I was a young child.  One of my favorite memories is growing up watching Sesame Street on Channel 11.  Sesame Street taught me so many literacy and math skills to help me get ready for school.  Raise your hand if Sesame Street taught you letters or numbers.  I thought so!  One of my favorite characters is Count von Count.  He first appeared on the show back in 1972 and he is celebrating his birthday on October 9th.  You can do the math as to how old that makes him, but do vampires or Muppets ever age?  What I love about the Count (besides his great accent) is that he will count anything.  He suffers from arithmomania - the compulsive love of counting.  The Count is also a gifted musician who plays both the pipe organ and the violin while singing some of his famous counting songs.

The library has a great collection of Sesame Street books for children to check out featuring some of the most beloved characters from the show.  Did you know we also house many Sesame Street DVD's
and awesome music CD's, many of them who feature the Count and his contagious counting songs! Once you get hooked on numbers (and the Count would delight in this), check out the number story books the library has to offer.  I know that this would be the Count's favorite section!  He'd be counting the number of books in that section and then probably move onto DVDs!

So have you done the math yet to figure out how old Count von Count will be on October 9th?  Count will be 43 years old.  In my books, he's still a young guy!  Happy birthday, Count and here is to many more!!

Songs by the Count
Sesame Street books
Sesame Street DVDs
Sesame Street Music CDs

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