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Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's New?

There is nothing like a brand new book.  I find it very exciting to be the first person to check out new
books.  Plus once I read it, I get to tell my friends all about it.  I do so regularly on the library's YS KidsBlog page.  You just have to look for my signature - Mrs. Seuss.  Did you know that the library gets new books all the time?  Up in Youth Services there are several places to find new books.  Our new picture books are on top of the shelves with a blue dot on them to let you know they are new additions to our collection.  Over in our Easy Reader section, there is a book shelf that showcases our new selections for beginning readers.  They too have a blue dot on them to show you they are new.  Into chapter books?  We have three shelves full of new titles.  I check it weekly to see what has arrived.  And guess what?  Yep, you are correct, those books have a blue dot on them as well.  See a pattern? 
For nonfiction, all you have to do is walk to the nonfiction section and our new titles are on the end of the aisles (they don't have blue dots on them - tricked you now didn't I). 

So you may be asking why I am reminding you about our new books.  It's because I wanted to remind you that our winter reading program is going on.  You can sign up any time and read until January 29th.  For every three hours you read, you can check in with us and redeem your prize.  Each time you check in your minutes, you are automatically entered into our big prize drawing which we hold at the end of the session.  You could win a $25 Visa Gift Card! 

So next time you are at the library, stop by and sign up for the reading program if you haven't already.  Looking for a new title to read?  Stop by and ask us for a good recommendation.  We also love to hear your advice for good books for us to read.  Someone told me about the Land of Stories series and now I'm hooked! 

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