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Monday, October 10, 2016

Star Wars Reads

'Star Wars Reads' is revving up this October for it's fifth year.  Being a youth librarian, I am always encouraged when popular social icons focus on helping our youth become life long readers.   It is a way to get our youth excited about reading - especially boys who may not normally pick up a book to read for fun.

The Roselle Public Library has LOTS of Star Wars books for readers of all ages.  I did a quick search on how many different types of Star Wars books we offered in the Youth Services Department.  I was impressed at how many different genres and reading levels we have to offer based on Star Wars!

Let me start out with saying we have the biography of the man who brought Star Wars to life many moons ago.  You know his name..... that's right, it's George Lucas.  What an interesting man to learn more about.

You say you want to read a graphic novel about Star Wars?  Who'd blame you?  Graphic novels have great illustrations that totally add to the story.  Well folks, we have 38 different graphic novels  available for your reading pleasure.

Say you have a younger child who just loves Yoda or Darth Vader.  We offer 5 different picture books, even some in board books format for those little ones.  You just have to love the series by Jack and Holman Wang.  Simple text but very engaging pictures.

Sometimes you just enjoy listening to a story.  The library offers a kit with an audio version of the book.  So you get to take home a book and a CD to listen to the story.  An added bonus is the publisher usually adds some music to the recording which just makes it even more fun to hear the story.

Let's say you are a beginning reader.  DK Publishing has a great Star Wars easy reader series written in various levels for early readers.  What a great way to get a boy engaged in reading at a young age.  Plus there are even Lego Star Wars books to read.  Can it get any better than Legos and Star Wars?

Don't forget the nonfiction section.  Inside the nonfiction section, you will find Star Wars themed cookbooks (these have great recipes for Star Wars themed party foods or even how to get a picky eater to try something new).  Want to see how parts of the movie is filmed or learn more about the vehicles in the movies?  We have informational books on that too.

And one cannot leave out the fiction section when discussing Star Wars themed books.  These stories have much more involved story lines and introduce characters that may only be briefly mentioned in the movie along with our favorites.  Want to find out more about the young Obi Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker?  This is the section you want to go to.  Check out the new series about Star Wars written by various authors such as Tom Angleberger, Adam Gidwitz and Alexandra Bracken.  Even adults are checking titles from this series out!

If you add all those titles, the library has 156 different Star Wars books to read just upstairs in the Youth Services Department.  That's not counting titles in Young Adult or Adult sections.  So the sum it all up, we have a lot of titles to help celebrate "Star Wars Reads" October reading celebration.   The force is telling you to come to the library to check some out.

Star Wars Easy Readers
Star Wars Fiction
Star Wars Graphic Novels
Star Wars Picture Books


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