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Monday, March 20, 2017

Who is...Part 3 - The Ending Saga

Welcome back for the final chapter in our compelling Youth Services Department series.  The last two ladies are well worth the wait.  You'll see them as the stars of our daytime story times.  Let's meet our final Youth Services members.

I'll bet you didn't know that I am originally from Kansas; that's right the Kansas of Dorothy fame ("There's no place like home!").  My early experience as a librarian was at Medinah Christian School.  The library was only open on Mondays and I saw all eight grades in one day!   I was in charge of collecting fines, checking in-and-out books, and putting new books into the collection (I can definitely multitask).

At the Roselle Public Library, you'll find me leading the Tots & Tykes and Toddler Tales.  I love to create craft projects for parents and children to do together, recite fingerplays and get my guitar out to sing favorite children songs.  With older children, I work on publishing our What's Up With Kids newsletter.  We meet every few months, brainstorm ideas and then children bring their writing and illustrations back to me and their work gets published into a newsletter for our patrons to enjoy.  If you know anyone in grades 2-6 who love to write, tell them to join What's Up With Kids.

My favorite author is C. S. Lewis of Chronicles of Narnia series.  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite of the series.  I also enjoy singing and once I sang a duet with Canada's famous tenor, Ben Hepner when he was a young man just out of college.  I remember back then thinking he wasn't very good, but wow is he good now.

If I could change careers, I think that I would like to be a truck driver.  I cannot think of anything more exciting than traveling all over the country in an 18-wheeler.  All that open road, no responsibilities, meeting new people, sleeping in a different place very THAT'S living!

10-4 good buddy; over and out!

Mrs. A.

I have been a Youth Services Assistant for almost six years in Roselle.  In the land of books, I have many favorite authors spread among the picture book collection.  While Mo Willems tops the list, I like other silly picture books such as Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds, the tales of Willy and Wally Wolf by Margie Palatini, and anything by Bob Shea.  Readers will discover that unicorns are pretty overconfident in Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great.  

That said, nonfiction books are also interesting.  In the Wednesday Preschool and Thursday Family Drop-in morning story times, there is at least one fact filled book with high quality photos to share with the preschool readers.  I will be blogging about these and other longer chapter books as Willems Fan on our Blogger Bookclub page.

While I read chapter book series such as The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer, I prefer to listen to them.  A good, engaging reader is a reason to stay in the car just a little longer.  If you have questions about books on CD or Playaways for your audio needs, I would love to see what we can find through borrowing an item from another library or adding a new title to the collection.  With summer around the corner, I hope to share this format with the community.  Additionally, I look forward to sharing books on CD or Playaway versions of the 2018 Caudill and Monarch nominees.

Yours in reading and Listening,                                       

Miss Liz

I hope you've enjoyed these segments on our Youth Services staff and you've learned a little more about each of us (I know I learned a few new things).  Stop by and say hi.  We love to get to know our patrons and be on a first name basis with them.  Please join us for our upcoming YS programming as well! 

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