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Monday, May 1, 2017

Celebrating 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman.  Growing up she was my hero (and still is to this day).  She is a strong woman (who always looks amazing) and stands for truth and justice.  When we had a superhero day at school, I chose to be her.  This Saturday, May 6th when it is free Comic Book Day at the library, guess who I'm going to dress as....just like you thought, Wonder Woman (I just wish I had her invisible airplane!)

Wonder Woman was first introduced to the American public back in October 1941 as a backup story
to test her appeal to the public since female superheroes were rare at that time.  The readers loved her and she quickly headlined her own comic book the following year.  She was created William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who invented the lie-detecting polygraph machine.  Wonder Woman was a new type of superhero who used wisdom and compassion, not just her fists, to triumph over evil.  On her homeland, she is know as Princess Diana of Themyscira and is the daughter of the queen of the all-female Amazon tribe from Greek mythology.  She was given powers by the gods, which include super-strength and a lasso that compels anyone it surrounds to tell the truth.  Her costume was inspired by the flag of an American pilot, Steve Trevor, crashed onto her island.  She traveled back to his world under the alias of Diana Prince to fight for the values of peace and equality.  Wonder Woman is the only female comic book character to have her own stories continuously published for the past 75 years.

Her popularity increased again in 1975-79 when Linda Carter debuted as Wonder Woman in the hit 1975-79 television series.  Then again this past March when she made her appearance in "Batman Vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice."  This June 2nd, she will appear in her first solo movie played by actress Gal Gadot.  The United States Post Office has also recognized Wonder Woman and have developed a set of Forever Stamps for her 75 anniversary.

Recently, Lisa Yee has started a super hero series called "Super Hero High," which has female superheros as the lead characters for elementary readers.  Her first book was about no other than Wonder Woman.   There are also several titles for the younger crowd in the easy reader section about her for children in the primary grades and a picture book entitled "Wonder Woman:  an Original Story."

So check out my favorite female superhero, Wonder Woman.  She has great values and is definitely be a good role model for all our young females out there.  Happy 75th, Wonder Woman.  You are still looking good!

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