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Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day

Did you know how the first Mother's Day started?  Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, believed that the country needed a day for mothers.  Anna's mom and not only been special to her growing up, but also to many others in the town where she had lived.  In 1908, shortly after her mother had died, Anna planned to honor her mother with a Mother's Day celebration.  One was in Philadelphia and the other was in Grafton, West Virginia where her mother had lived.  At the church in Grafton, Anna gave out her mother's favorite flower, the carnation.  Just a year later, many churches and Sunday Schools across the country started honoring mothers with services and carnations.  It was such a good idea, that by 1914 the United States Congress made Mother's Day an official American holiday.  It is celebrated every second Sunday in May.

So now you are asking yourself - what do I get mom?  Well, I'll tell you that moms really do like when someone else does the cooking.  Breakfast in bed is ALWAYS nice or even brunch, that great meal that combines breakfast and lunch.  You could make some Kupid Kabobs (they are so simple)!  Here's the recipe:

You'll Need:
16 seedless red grapes
16 1-inch chunks cheddar cheese (about 8 ounces)
16 strawberries
16 1-inch cubes roasted turkey
bamboo Skewers

Wash and drain all the fruit.
Cube the cheese and turkey.
On skewers, create a pattern using all the above ingredients. 

That's all there is too it!

Now you'll probably want that special keepsake too.  Why not create a small Ten Things I Love About You booklet.? It's very simple. You can use Microsoft Word and create a new document.  There are business card templates that you can customize.  You can also use different colors of construction paper as well. 

Make sure you number the cards, import/draw pictures to decorate and write ten things you love about mom.  Print them out, cut apart and punch a hole in the upper left corner.  Then get a small ring and put the individual cards onto the ring in order.  You have just created a wonderful book for your mom to look at forever (especially those days where she is really mad at you for doing something you weren't supposed to do).

For other great ideas, check out the library's selection of craft books and recipe books!

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