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Monday, May 15, 2017

New Playaway Launchpads!!

While strolling through the department one day
In the merry, merry month of May
I was taken by surprise
By a  group of orange cases
And in a moment my curiosity was satisfied!

 That's right.  You asked for them, we've got them!  Playaway Launchpads
for kids grades 3-5.  There are some awesome options too.  Launchpads are secure pre-loaded learning tablets.  Each tablet comes with 10+ apps on themes ranging from math, science, English language arts, critical thinking and creativity.  There are even some for the younger ages about dinosaurs, princesses and animals.

Each tablet lets the user build their own Avatar to earn discovery point rewards to be used toward game play and to purchase virtual accessories.  It also provides adults feedback about the amount of time a child has spent on the tablet.

 Out of Orbit is a science themed-filled tablet filled with apps about space.  Learn more about the planet we live on, explore the galaxy, learn about the environment and different plant species.

Or try Mission Math! which teaches multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, and geometry.  These apps will help strengthen children's memory, accuracy, logic skills and number sense.  What a great way to deepen a child's overall understanding of math!

Taking a long trip and don't wait to hear those four dreadful words, "Are we there yet?"  Bring along the Are We There Yet? tablet.  These have fun brain break games for kids ages 8-10.  Play "Hungry Worms" or "Pizza Ninja."  Don't those just sound like fun?  I think the adults might be keeping this launchpad for themselves.

So next time you visit us in the Youth Services Department, stop by and ask about the launchpads.  We will be happy to show you the choices we have for various age groups!


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