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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sister's Day - August 6th

Love them or hate them, sisters are important - and sticking together, especially during the difficult times, is one of the first rules of survival in family life.  My sister may drive me crazy at times, but I've got her back and I know she has mine. 

One of the most recent iconic set of sisters is Elsa and Anna from Disney's film Frozen.  It uses the classic fairy story The Snow Queen, yet adds the sister relationship to it.  It changes the emphasis of the original story and the relationship between the two sisters becomes the focal point. 

There are some good sister stories for young
readers, too.  Beverly Cleary created her Ramona series about Ramona and her older sister Beezus.  She wrote this series because she realized the importance of siblings.  Have you ever wondered how Beezus got her unusual name?  According to Cleary, she tossed in a little sister to explain Beezus's nickname.  She never expected Ramona to become as big a part of the series as she did.  In the book Beezus and Ramona,  is told from the perspective of both sisters.  This story is one of the most popular as there was even a movie made about the book.

For an older reader, Louisa M. Alcott's Little Women is an excellent story of the March sisters.  Meg is the eldest , Jo is the tomboy who wants to be a writer, Beth is sweet-natured and always puts other's first and then there is the youngest, Amy who is very intelligent.  Set place during the war, times are tough with money being tight and dad away.  They have happy and sad times together and the sisters discover that at times, growing up is very hard to do.

So celebrate your sibling not only on August 6th but every day of the year.  Try to spend some time together and reclaim that bond from childhood. 


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