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Monday, August 7, 2017

Last minute travel

I cannot believe the Summer Reading Program is over!  So many of you met your goal.  Were you lucky enough to get picked for the grand prizes?  Don't feel bad, I wasn't either.  I also cannot believe it is August.  There are only a few more weeks until school starts (I can hear all the parents out there
Hiking at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin
yelling - Hurray!).  Hopefully your family is lucky enough to take a trip somewhere before the end of summer (my favorite season and it always seems to go by so fast!).  Maybe you're going hiking nearby, like at Starved Rock or Devil's Lake (very cool hiking).  Or perhaps it's a beach you are going to hit along the east or west coast.  Traveling can be a wonderful experience where you spend some quality time with family and friends.  But before you can relax and have fun, you have to get there - either by plane, train or automobile.  Now the first half an hour into the trip is fantastic.  Everyone is so excited!  And then you realize it's another 2 hours or maybe it's another 20 hours.  What do you do?  Scream?  Nope.  Lucky for you, you stopped by the library before you left and checked out some incredible audio books for Suzy and Playaway Views for Timmy.

Audio books are a real life saver and make the time travel by so much faster.  You can either play them in CD format for the car or get a set of earbuds for the Playaway  (just like a little MP3 player).  You can also check out an adapter from the library for the Playaways which will allow you to play them through your car's speakers.  For the little guys who cannot read yet, the Playaway Views offer an hour of entertainment through an animated book filled with music and moving pictures.  The views come with their own speakers, so Timmy doesn't need to use headphones if he doesn't feel like it. 

Playaway Views
Did you know that listening to audio books helps children build their
literacy skills?  Here are some of the benefits:
  • introduces children to books above their reading level
  • models what good reading sounds like
  • teaches critical listening
  • introduces new vocabulary
  • provides a bridge to important topics of discussion for parents and children who can listen together while going places 
 So make sure you add the library to that checklist of places you need to visit before you leave for vacation.  Pick up some great titles to listen to while you are traveling.  If you're going to be going for a longer period of time, stop by circulation and ask them if they will extend the due date for you. 

Playaway titles
Audio books on CD
Playaway View


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