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Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's Hear it for the Book Trailers

Last week we shared a brief reading from a few of our Read-2-Gether patrons who participated in our June summer program.  This week we are going to share some new ones from our July participants about historical fiction books.  Historical fiction is typically written to portray a time period or give information about an historical event.  Most are written about and event or time period 30 years in the past.

In historical fiction, the setting is the most important element.  The information about the time period must be accurate, authentic, or both.  Authors research these time periods thoroughly because they must gather information on how people lived, what they ate, the types of homes, and what was daily life like for people in that time period.  The characters may either be imaginary or may have actually lived during during that point in history.  The plot events may be documented historical events or they can be fictional, which means the author created the events in the story.  All of these story elements must be portrayed authentically as if they actually could have happened.

Here is a link to check out some recommended titles for children second grade and up from GoodReads. 

These are some of the books we discovered during our program for second grade and younger.  Clip on them to hear a quick little summary! 

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