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Monday, September 18, 2017

Homework Help

With school being in session for a few weeks now, homework has definitely started.  Did you know the library offers online resources to help with homework?  These resources are available to you at the library or at home if you have your library card pin number.  This week I will feature a wonderful resource found in the Kids section of our library website.

Grolier Online is an excellent database by Scholastic.  Need information about the United States?  America the Beautiful offers information about each of the 50 states.  It offers almanacs, timelines, information about explorers, presidents and Native Americans.  Tabs at the top of the page allow you to pick by grade levels:  elementary, middle, high school, adult learner and even for educators.  Such a helpful site when studying the states in fourth grade.

Another great resource is The New Book of Popular Science. Find out the new science inventory or discovery through the featured articles.  Need to do a report on a famous scientist?  It's got biographies of those great minds who helped change the world.  Time for the science fair?  There is a tab for science projects that might inspire an award winning science fair project.  Again these are all sorted into grade levels so that you get material appropriate for the age level.

Don't forget the Featured Showcase section on the menu page of the database.  Animals of Africa are spotlighted currently.  Learn about the different biomes of Africa, the big cats and other animals that roam the continent.  You can go back into the archives and look at past topics.  It's really pretty cool!

Finally the site also offers access to dictionaries, atlases and daily news.  It is a really neat resource to
even just go into and explore for fun.  So next time you are in the library or bored at home and you have some time, find the Kid's Page on the library's website and go to "Kids" and select the orange "Homework Helper" circle on the caterpillar.  Look for Grolier Online and begin exploring.  It will help build your knowledge so that you can rock it when you go to those popular Trivia Nights or become a future Jeopardy player! 

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