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Monday, October 16, 2017

It's Post Season Baseball Time!

So postseason Major League Baseball has begun.  Teams will be eliminated and others will continue to play until the very end to star in the World Series!  The newest format of postseason began in 2012, with playoffs for the American and National league starting with the wild-card playoff game.  A wild-card playoff spot is awarded to a team that has not qualified through normal play but who has the next best winning record.  Two wild-card teams in each league play each other in a single-game playoff at the end of the regular season.  The winner of the game advances to face the 1st seeded team in the Division series which consists of two best of five games.  Then it moves to the best of seven for the league championship.  Finally we get to see the two best teams in baseball play in the World Series!

Did you know that Youth Services has107 nonfiction books about baseball on their shelves?  I think our young patrons must love the game.  There are books on how to play baseball, books written by baseball players and of course, books about our favorite teams.  Remember the teams in last year's World Series?  Wouldn't it be fun to see a rematch (with the same results of course!)

Looking for titles for the younger ages?  We have lots of picture books too about baseball.  You could read a different book for the next 51 nights! Check out Goodnight Baseball.  It's a guaranteed grand slam as a bedtime story.

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