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Monday, August 6, 2018

Cool Local Exhibits

Remember how we discussed the ABC's of Summer last week?  Well, I've got some more advice for cool local exhibits you should check out before they disappear from our area.  The Brookfield Zoo has an "Amazing Arachnids" exhibit here until September 3.  
While I'm not a huge fan of arachnids, I do love learning about animals.  I'm sure you knew that a spider is an arachnid, but did you also know that mites, ticks and their relatives like scorpions are all part of that same family?  All arachnids have eight legs but no antennae.  Their bodies are divided into two sections.  Sometimes small arachnids like mites and harvestmen (we know these as Daddy Long Legs) have two sections fused closely together so you cannot see the separation.  Some spiders can float on the wind but not because they have wings; instead they use long strands of silk to help them get from place to place.  Silk helps an arachnid in multiple ways.  It can help them to catch prey or to reproduce.  
There are numerous species of arachnids which are found in nearly all land habitats and some aquatic ones as well.  Most only eat liquid food so they squirt their prey with digestive chemicals and suck out the juice.  If you'd like to learn more about arachnids, check out a book or two from our collection.  Also, check with us to see if there are any available passes to the zoo through Museum Adventure Pass, but remember this exhibit may require an extra fee.  
The second cool exhibit I discovered was "The Science Behind Pixar" at the Museum of Science and Industry.  This exhibits highlights the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and computer science concepts that Pixar uses on a daily basis to create its films.  The exhibit has 40 interactive elements for everyone to enjoy and focuses on the eight steps of the film making process.  Remember asking when would you ever use trigonometry?  Pixar shows a real world trigonometry application where it shows you how you need it to help with character motion (who knew?).  The exhibit is here until January 6, 2019.  
Before you go, consider checking out some Pixar classics to view as a family so that you can reacquaint yourself with your favorite characters and some memorable scenes.  

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