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Monday, September 10, 2018

BOB Books

Do you have a child in Kindergarten?  Did you know that students in Kindergarten are expected to be reading simple books by the end of the school year?  It's never too early (or too late) to help your child become a successful reader.

Have you ever heard of BOB Books?  They were developed by Bobby Lynn Maslen to help her students learn how to read.  The books were illustrated by her husband John.  Her students learned not only how to read, but also developed a love of learning.  Bobby decided to share these books with students all over the world, and thus BOB Books were born.

BOB Books offer a simple text which features sight words and simple CVC words that can be sounded out.   A CVC word is a consonant-vowel-consonant word such as 'vet' or 'bat'.  At the front of each book, the beginning sounds that are prevalent in the book are shared so that you can practice them with your child before reading the text. Each set of BOB Books contains 10 to 12 little books for children to use for practicing their reading skills.  Also inside each set is a helpful overview for parents on the important features of the set.

Feel free to stop by the YS desk and we can show you where BOB Books are kept so that you can check out a set.  I used them with my own children when they were learning to read.  There is nothing like the smile on a child's face when they have successfully finished reading a book on their own, especially if it's their first time.

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