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Monday, October 29, 2018

Dewey's Big Finale!

Welcome back for the final installment on the Dewey Decimal System.  The 700-900 nonfiction sections hold a wide variety of topics.  Entertainment is what I think when discussing the 700s.  The first part of the 700s has books on arts and crafts.  If you love to draw, there are over 160 books which will teach you how to draw faces, animals or your favorite cartoon characters.  Do you love to make crafts?  There are over 180 books to help you use your imagination to create something unique and beautiful.  Love music?  Find your favorite children's song in a picture book and also materials to help you learn how to play instruments, like the guitar.  Our country's favorite past times seem to be playing or watching sports.  The 700 area has books about your favorite professional teams (Go Bears!) as well as how to learn how to increase your skills in your favorite sport.
The 800s also holds a lot of entertainment value for our patrons.  This is where you will find books about poetry.  Some favorite poets are Shel Silverstein, Jack Pretlutsky, A.A. Milne (love Winnie the Pooh), Naomi Shihab Nye and Paul Fleischman.  If you are looking to be a writer, the 800s will also provide you with resources on how to improve your writing.  So I guess this area not only entertains you, but educates you too.  Did you realize that reading poetry is not only fun, it also exposes children richer vocabulary, rhyming, and figurative language?  This are just a few of the many benefits of poetry.
For all you history and geography lovers out there, the 900s is your place to be.  Are you looking for a certain historical era, such as the Revolutionary War or the two world wars?  This would be the section you'd find a book to fit your interest.  Learning about Native Americans?  Look here to find out about all the tribes of North America.  Planning a trip?  Take a browse through the 900s to see all the places in the world that you can visit.  Grab a book about a destination and try to persuade your family to take a vacation there.
Thanks for take this journey through the Dewey Decimal System with me.  I hope I have persuaded you to browse the nonfiction collection a little more know that you know how it is all organized.  Hope to bump into you soon in the stacks!


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