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Monday, October 22, 2018

Part Deux: Do You Know Dewey?

Welcome back for Part Deux of getting to know the Dewey Decimal system.  Did you know "deux" means two in French?  Books written in French are located in the
400 section of the library in the World Languages section.  Here you'll also find books in other languages, like Spanish, Polish, Chinese and even Hawaiian, to name a few.  Need books to help you with your language arts homework?  You'll also find dictionaries and books about grammar usage in this area.

The 500 section is our most popular section.  It's the science portion of Dewey.  You'll find books on how to conduct science experiments (useful for school projects), math (yes, math is important to learn), astronomy (who isn't fascinated by space), physics, chemistry, geology, dinosaurs, and plants.  WOW!  That's a lot of science and I haven't even told you the most popular topic yet!  The most popular topic in the 500s is animals!  You can learn about birds, bugs, reptiles, ocean animals, creatures that live in the name an animal, we can find you a book that has information on that animal in it!

Our final part of the Dewey system today will be the 600s.  This was the first nonfiction section I got to purchase materials for when I came to the library, so it holds an endearing place in my heart.  In the 600s, you will find books on how your body works and the changes it goes through as you get older.  Transportation is a big topic of interest in this area.  Boys love taking out books on cars, trains, construction trucks, airplanes, military equipment, to name just a few modes of transportation.  Another popular topic is pets.  You'll find books here to help you select the right pet for your family in the 600s.  Dogs, cats, reptiles, horses....we have books on all different breeds.  Do you love to cook?  There are many books to help you learn how to cook because it's never too early to experiment in the kitchen.

Please join me next week as we wrap up our tour of the Dewey Decimal System.  Since I'm still in the world language mode, I bid you adieu, ciao, auf wiedershen, do widzenia, aloha!


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