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Monday, May 20, 2019

Introducing... Literacy Kits!!

We are so excited to introduce a new collection at the Roselle Public Library - Literacy Kits!  What are Literacy Kits, you ask?  I'd love to tell you about them because we are really excited to add this new addition for our early childhood patrons.

Parents are their child's first teachers.  Research has shown that in households where parents read to their children every day and talk about what they are reading together promote a love of reading and enhances children's literacy skills as they enter school. These kits will make it easy for parents to do this with their kids at home!

There are eight bags which feature different themes:  Numbers and Counting, The Alphabet, Families, Potty Time (Boy), Potty Time (Girl), Farms, Colors and Shapes, Amazing Machines.  Each kit contains a theme-based collection of books and related interactive activities all housed in clear plastic bags with handles.

It is our hope that the new collection provides the following benefits:

  • Strengthen the family-library partnership
  • Help parents to become more aware of the literacy expectations their child needs to have as they enter Kindergarten
  • Allow all parents to feel that they are involved directly in their child's learning
  • Establish a regular family reading routine
  • Make reading fun and interactive, igniting an enthusiasm for literacy
  • Stimulate conversations around reading

The new collection will be housed in the play area of the library, so the next time you are in Youth Services, please ask us about them and we will be happy to show them to you.  If the kit you would like to take home is not there, ask us to put a hold on it for your family.  It is our hope that the community will enjoy this new collection so much that we will have the opportunity to create additional ones for everyone to enjoy in the future.  We would love to hear your ideas and feedback about the literacy kits!

Literacy Kits



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